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Carry ME Micro Electric Van – 2019 – Lithium Spec – White



Model – High Speed Lithium – Full Spec – CarryME (Van)

Year – 2019

Colour – White

Mileage – Approx. 2100 miles

Warranty – 1 year

PRICE = £6,995

If you are looking for a the perfect ‘Last Mile ‘ delivery or service vehicle to move freely around the city without the need to pay the congestion charge and discounted parking within Westminster,  look no further than the Carry ME range.

ME is a Micro Electric, zero emissions vehicle designed with city motoring in mind. Fully automatic 2-seater with a top speed of 78km/h and a range of 150km on a single charge. LED daytime running lights, A/C, Bluetooth, rear parking camera, electric opening rear door and panoramic roof as standard.

With ZERO emissions, super efficient Lithium batteries, simple home charging and occupying less than half the footprint of a typical saloon car, the ME is designed with the town and city in mind.

Zero Emissions motoring should be the goal of every driver. We already know that the type of vehicle we drive has a direct impact on the air that we breathe. The Micro Electric revolution is a real opportunity to do the right thing in a convenient and affordable way.

Finally a vehicle you can charge at home. The onboard lithium technology does not require special charging points, apps or timed charging bay reservations. Simply plug ME into a standard UK 13amp wall socket for 4-6 hours for a full charge. The advanced battery management system controls the charging process automatically.

In case you hadn’t noticed, ME is small and you can park at least 2 in a standard parking bay. In fact Westminster City Council is perfectly happy for you to do this. And because it’s electric Westminster has heavily discounted parking in ‘pay bays’ so you just pay for the first 10 minutes…and then its free for up to the maximum period stated.

The huge windows and panoramic glass roof gives excellent all round visibility and with rear parking camera as standard, parking your ME couldn’t be easier.

GoinGreen UK are the authorized service & support provider for ME Micro Electric cars in the UK.


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