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Nissan Leaf 2019 – 40kWh – Tekna – White



Make/Model – Nissan Leaf

Year – 2019

Mileage – 5,000

Colour – White

Battery Capacity – 40 kWh

Price = £21,995.00

For most people the Nissan Leaf is synonymous with EVs. Nissan broke the mould when they launched the original Leaf in 2011. It truly was the first electric vehicle with mass market appeal. The Nissan Leaf then took the world by storm with well over 400,000 sold by the end of 2019.

The Nissan Leaf has captured the attention of second hand electric car buyers as it offers a worry-free purchase. The Leaf is an incredibly reliable car and has a 5-star NCAP rating for safety. The fantastic Japanese build quality that Nissan offers combined with the simplicity of an electric drivetrain provides an easy ownership proposition. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge with the Nissan Leaf as we have been working with them since the beginning. If you have any questions about the car, please do get in touch and we will be happy to offer our expert opinions.

The 40kWh version of the Nissan Leaf came as part of the 2.Zero second generation Nissan Leaf launch in 2018. The 40kWh Leaf comes with a completely different and refreshed aesthetic as well as some brilliant technological advances such as the much larger 40kWh battery pack and drivability enhancements like the e-Pedal.

The Nissan Leaf 40kWh Tekna has a great specification and has a very high quality level of finish. It showcases most of the great advances the 40kWh Leaf has over the 30kWh model that preceded it. The main features are listed below, however please do feel free to get in contact with any questions you may have.

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